Friday, 29 April 2011

Sew Weekly: Hats Off!


This week for Sew Weekly we've made an outfit around a hat! Once again, you can check out all my outfit details in my blog post, but the beret is made from the Grey Jumper I posted yesterday! What a refashionista I've become! That's what happens when you have a LIFE committment to Wardrobe Refashion, right sewing pals?

I'm pretty happy with it overall, the fabric is thrifted - how crazy is it? I think I got it at that Ballarat op shop run I did at the start of the year. Or was in the end of last year? I'm forgetting SO much these days... I started to think it was October the other day. RANDOM!

There's a bit for me to catch up on around the house, at work, and in the Sewing Room at the moment. The Comedy Festival was so FUN, but seriously every second of my day was planned to the second, so it was pretty tricky doing anything normal! Hopefully next week things will settle down. xo


  1. What a cute hat! I love the dress too, what a fun print! Also, I WANT your shoes! :)
    Ashley x

  2. That first photo is so amazing! I love your dress and hat! I need to do more refashioning!!

  3. Love that hat! What a cool way to refashion an old jumper. Good thinking 99! And the print of your dress is awesome.

  4. Great hat! And I love that first pic with the sunflare. Beautiful silhouette!

  5. Love the hat refashion and the fabulous dress! You look wonderful :)

  6. You are fabulous, great simple hat and great dress, lovely just lovely and I love your photos. bootiful.

  7. Veronica,
    I love everything you make! I'm a new sewer and desperately trying to find a perfect dress pattern. Do you recommend any? Any that would be easy to get online or in a shop? Thanks so much!

    Love from Canada

  8. Hey Ms. Pattern, not sure how to contact you, I'll try and write up a post talking about the perfect dress pattern... but not too sure where to start!


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