Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sew Weekly: TV Week

Hey darling! I'm back!

And with another Sew Weekly dress of course! It's been a whirlwind month, so I'm pleased you've had some patience with my postings (or lack of!) and I'll be back with you and visiting your blog and missing the heck outta you for the rest of April now!

Only the Sewing Gods know how I managed to get my Sew Weekly garment ready in time this week! I am baffled and amazed with myself for sewing up this darling shirt dress, as looking at it (and the photos) now ... it looks REALLY tricky!

First up, the theme for the Sew Weekly challenge (You know Mena's blog by now right? I love 'resetting' what I'm up to all the time, but if you're a regular reader you might be like - I *know* the Sew Weekly by now, hurry up and get with the program!) is Women from Television... and I settled on Lucy from the I Love Lucy show, circa 1950... this pattern is a shirt dress from 1948 that I have NO idea where I got it from... perhaps an op shop... it's in pretty bad shape (a few moth holes!) so I don't think it's from an etsy seller or anything nice.

Planning out my sewing was really important for me, as I was totally slammed with my day job and with the comedy festival commitments I have. It was just super busy, and each day I had about 30 minutes of sewing, so had to sew in bursts. Or Sewing Spurts as Cathe over at Mena's blog suggested!

THEN, when I'd finished up the dress, I had about 15 minutes one afternoon to take the photos, and as Husbie was at work, I found the little tripod. I have tried to take self portraits before, but could never get the focus right. For these ones (I'm sorry I look so tired, I took a nap straight after!) I pointed the autofocus to the spot where I aimed to stand... and then the photos came out kinda in focus. Self timer photos are just weird when you don't have anything to focus on.

But it IS a nice shirt dress, do you think?

This week has been KUH-razy! Totally crazy! I'm utterly relieved how great the dress is, how awesome these photos came out and that the week's finally over! One more comedy thing tonight, and then I'll sleep for 4 years. If you wanna hear a little more about the I Love Lucy idea for this week's theme, I wrote a bit more about the dress in my post.

I hope you've been well, and watch out, because come Sunday I'll be flicking through your blog and catching up on all your news! YAY for the super long weekend (it's Anzac Day here on Monday, so no work til Wednesday!)!!!



  1. Aww, what an adorable dress! You look amazing, I LOVE your hair! The photo's came out really well, I always have trouble with focusing, even when I'm not in the picture! lol
    Ashley x

  2. It looks great. I love the pin curls, red heels and hat you styled it with too. It looks super complicated with the contrast collar and cuffs. My self-timer photos never look good because it puts the background into focus instead of me.

  3. Very Lucy. Suits you to a tee. Have you seen the I love Lucy Barbie, total bombshell. I love the hat and the whole styling.

  4. My favourite so far! Love the fact that a self timer is responsible for the oh, so pretty pics. Lovely. x


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