Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Shoesday: A Go Go Dancing Disaster

Another Shoesday! Shoes on a Tuesday: it just seems so logical! I've been taking a lot of photos via Instagram (Username veronicadarling if you're into such a thing!) these days, just when I'm waiting or sitting or gathering my thoughts.

The sad disaster is that I wore my ballet flats (worn in the first photo) to my new Go Go Dancing Class. YEP, I've started doing Go Go Dancing with Anna's Go-Go Academy and it's BRILLIANT. So much fun! But the sad disaster was that I had to 'pony' and the ballet flats couldn't stand the skipping! They are not made for dancing at all! Considering I've had them since I was 10 or 11, I am surprised they lasted over 20 years. I'm going to send them along to the shoe people, and perhaps they can reattach the sole!

Do you keep shoes til they fall apart? Or do you grow bored and hand them on to their next life? I rarely pass them onto the op shop, I love my shoes!


  1. I find it very hard to get rid of shoes. I have had my favourite pair of biker boots repaired in the same place several times, even though the leather is completely worn out. Sigh!

  2. I got in trouble from the cobbler when I took him in my red cowboy boots a while ago. He said not to wait so long to get them fixed and maybe I should buy some new ones. Opps! I hope your shoe person is not as condemning as mine!

  3. That's so great that you're taking go-go dancing classes! How awesome!

  4. I hate shoes but I wish I could love them! The source of my hate really is my feet though - they're long and thinner than any standard or specialist shoe width. As a result, I have to get my shoes specially made and the shoe maker had to hand carve the foot moulds because she didn't have anything thin enough. That is freaking expensive - so I only own two pairs of shoes that fit me and I intend to own them until they fall off my feet! I'm so jealous of all your beautiful shoes, fingers crossed for your ballet flats!

  5. i'm a to-the-death kind of girl. and unfortunately i'm very hard on my shoes. i had a gorgeous pair of red velvet shoes, with pintucks and a faux bamboo heel (you would have loved them!) and on my last birthday they came forever apart. as they were 10 bucks, i decided the cobbler wasn't worth it.

    i'm loving shoesday! it inspired me to wear a fab new blue pleather pair out yesterday with my sew weekly UFO challenge, so you were the reason for the entire outfit!

  6. You've had those since you were 10?! my gosh my feet are twice the size now than they were when I was that age!! I wear my shoes to death too. In fact I get really sad when a pair dies.

  7. If I really love a shoe, I will wear them until they fall apart, then try and fix them and wear them again! I have had a pair of black quilted flats, cheaply made for about 5 years now and the soles are always falling off. I bought replacement black flats but never wear them because I like the others too much. I just hot glue the sole back on.


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