Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Shoesday: Red Shoes

I have two pairs of red shoes that are in rotation on my feet at the moment. With the colder weather I may have to say goodbye to the darling rusty red suedelike ones, and embrace my 80s Debbie Harry ones.

Do you have shoes you can wear all year round? I reckon I might rock an open toe shoe this year, wearing stockings as well. Good look? Or yuck?

Happy Shoesday!


  1. Such cute shoes!
    I don't have any shoes I can wear year round... but I really love making the most of the winter boots when their time comes, and then rocking the summery sandals when it's their turn. I just like wearing all of them!
    I personally wouldn't wear stockings with open toes but hey, doesn't mean you won't totally rock it!

  2. Cute shoes! I need new red ones for winter too.

    I think stockings with open toes is okay if it's only a small peep-toe. Like, one and a bit toes showing ;-)
    So you can't see any lines from the toe gusset. :-D

  3. oh yes, open toe with stockings is terrific. peeps here are actually doing sandals & socks, too. if the socks are cute enough, why not show them off too?

  4. I agree with oonaballoona - only cute things should be poking out of a peep toe. Anthea


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