Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Shoesday: Some more sunny days

Looking back over the past few weeks, some days were so beautiful and warm enough to wear my summer shoes. YAY

Top: Vintage Wedge Heels
Middle: Melissa Heart Flats
Bottom: Melissa Amazonian/Glamazonian (I forget!) Wedges

Did you remember it's Shoesday today?



  1. Love the heart flats! They are gorgeous. I really need to get myself a pair of melissa shoes. They are just so nice!

  2. You're making me feel bad. I am still in my uggs!

  3. I'm heading to Melbs on the weekend and am unsure if I should pack open shoes, but then I see your shoe selection and perhaps I will.... decisions!

  4. Love those red heart shoes. They satisfy the Dorothy of my soul!

  5. Your feet photos are enough to give the Internet a foot fetish.


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