Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sew Weekly: Vintage Mumma!

Hey good looking! Hope you're well! I WISH I could spend more time with you at the moment!


When I tried to post over the last 2-3 days, blogger wasn't loading the 'Create Post' page, and I thought it was my new 'Firefox' browser update and I just had no time to fiddle with it in 'safe' mode and then I got impatient with the computer full stop. Then the dog pulled the plug out so when I found another 10 minutes to write to you (on Tuesday) the computer had died and I was making tea at the same time, and then it all got too hard and annoying.

Miss you though!

So! What we have here is a purple (!) SELF drafted (using Built By Wendy's Sew U Home Stretch as a guide) dress using my darling mum's fashion as a guide. As usual, head along to Mena's Sew Weekly blog, to check out and read all about my darling creation in detail! But I thought I'd show you here some of the close ups from our 'photo shoot' on our staircase!

Top: Fake Melissa shoes. They are unfortunately an impulse (yes, it happens - but only once a year from old thrifty here) buy from ebay. I made a purple dress, I was going to a wedding, the seller said they'd arrive on time, I bought them. UNFORTUNATELY they are fakes. They also take a while to 'warm up', yes they're made of plastic but not very good plastic, so they're very cold and hard to wear first, and then they warm up and get a bit softer to wear. I KNOW! I'm a dickhead to buy them, especially since I'm such a diehard Melissa fan.

Bottom: A cowl neck for winter. I'm going to make MORE cowls I reckon, I love the word, I love saying it. I really don't mind making them either, they're really quick and easier than a neckline overlock/turn/topstitch any day.

I'm starting to get a little over blogger, and a little over online text/photo publishing. Especially on my laptop. I wish I had time to work out how to post from my ipad... have any of you uber chic bloggers figured that out (last time I tried, I couldn't load photos because of the flash thing)? I've noticed (browsing other blogs using my ipad) that wordpress has a fantastic 'swipe me' user-ability thing and all your wordpress blogs look gorgeous!

Anyways I hope you're well and still good looking and see you again soon, I hope! xoxo


  1. Even if you're not thrilled with your new shoes, they are a pretty good match for that dress!
    And I was having the same problems with blogger over the weekend...

  2. Love the dress! Is the upper back done in the grey fabric?

  3. aww man stinks about the shoes =/ but thye look great with the dress. I'm going to a wedding soon too and I was also thinking about purple! Wish I had your skills and patience to make a dress =)

  4. Gorgeous dress! Bummer about the shoes. Though they do still look awesome. I had the same issue with posting on blogger at the start of the week. I found that when I switched it back to the old post editor it started working again,

  5. I love it! And I really love the shoes!!!!

  6. Blogpress for iPad is an app that lets you choose what blogging platform you use, I think it's $3.99?
    Your dress is very cute, purple is my favourite!

  7. Love the the colours...and those shoes...they'll always be a fab prop even if not comfortable to wear...

  8. OoOooO I love a cowl too, especially for winter, your dress is darling and I love the flare you added to it. I might have to invest in that Built by Wendy book it looks like I could learn a thing or two from it which is always good. That's a bummer about the shoes and blogger but on the bright side you have a new dress yay!!!

  9. well look at you... you look all grown up in this one! very classy!

  10. Oh Doggie Darling and your plug-pulling antics! I've always been a bit unsure of cowl necklines but this dress has convinced me - it looks fantastic. One day I'll be brave enough to try sewing with knit fabric! I've never seen plastic heels before - they look like they could be Barbie's shoes!

  11. Sensational dress, and the shoes, well ho! I realised just how bad my blogging addition was when I couldn't access the system for three days. It was the system not your machine.

  12. this dress looks amazing! and the shoes (fakes or not~) look great as well!!!!


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