Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Shoesday: Cold Snap

Another Tuesday! So! Time for another Shoesday!

Here's a bunch of Shoesday photos featuring my black Melissa's, they're like Mary Janes with a metal heel and flocked outsides. They're comfy for heels and I usually wear them all day to work, like today (the bottom photo is from today at the train station)!

I'm feeling a bit better today, I got a lot of things done since we last chatted, and tomorrow we're flying to Queensland for my brother's wedding. So yay for a little holiday and hang outs with the family. Hopefully, I'm half organised and I've got some posts for you while I'm away (but that's why I'm investigating the ipad blogging ideas, I might just update from Queensland instead) because it's weird not posting regularly!

Take care xo


  1. You have tiny feet, don't you? Or does it seem that way because of the photo? (Somehow when I take a picture of my feet they look huge!)

    I wish you lots of fun on your little trip. Enjoy the getaway!

  2. Yay for Shoesday, they're so cute! I dream of an alternate reality where I could wear such cute shoes...

    Have a fantastic, restorative holiday and enjoy the wedding! I hope your music goes well (I'm not a crazy stalker, my brain just never forgets anything ever, even if I ask it to!). Thinking of you and your well deserved break xx


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