Saturday, 21 May 2011

Snoodesque Beret for Pin Curls

Once it was a cardi from the Op Shop:

And now it's a floppy beret AKA snood AKA chef's hat for keeping my pin curls warm:

In Melbs' cooler weather, I find it much harder to get those pin curls dried. Usually it takes a morning or a bit of the day (in summertime), but without covering it up it's not dry by the night time (when I'm usually going out of course!).

Annoying! But at least a little refashioning can speed up the process a little. I made this beret up myself, after googling a pattern a while back for the Sew Weekly challenge about hats. It's pretty much the waistband turns into the head band (you can see the ribbed edge), and then the back of the cardigan gets gathered and sewn to the head band. Floppy hat voila!


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