Friday, 20 May 2011

Vintage Veronica

My Husbie took some hipstermatic photos last week while I modeled (LOLZ) the Sew Weekly challenge dress. I made it with my Mum's fashion in mind, so we really liked the look of making these 'old' photographs:

Serious Model Pose

Eating Toast Pose

Are We Finished Pose

Women's Weekly in the 60s Pose

The 'Not Sure What To Do With My Hands' Pose

The I Know Exactly What To Do With My Hands Pose

The Thanks For Looking At Me Be Ridiculous Pose
LOLZ. xoxo


  1. Love that dress! And you're so prettty!:)

  2. These pics are perfect for the Sew Weekly Challenge!

  3. LOL! I love the women weekly one too!

  4. Fabulous! lol, I love the women's weekly in the 60's pose. You need a vacuum cleaner, or a dishcloth or something to reeeeally make it authentic...! or at least a plate of hors d-oevres in your hands!


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