Thursday, 16 June 2011

Against All Odds

This is the post I'd planned on writing last night, or this morning, before my Sew Weekly post went up. Life, eh?

I was going to say 'Where Am I?' with this photo of Makybe Diva, and then you who lives in Melbourne, will be like: 'Flemington' and then I'd be like, imagine how this pattern turns out:

Tune in to my blog here and I'll reveal all etc etc etc (it's such a cute pattern though, hey?!)

But, life got in the way of my wonderful 'set up' post and now my beautiful blog post is up on Mena's site (It's my fave everything by far!) and instead of blurring over the details, here's a little insight into my chaos and what's on the top of my brain this week:

- Working & planning 6 radio shows, with different needs and expectations
- In the middle of applying for my job which became a 'real' position; job interview next week
- Got a 'crick' in my neck from picking up my dog and moving a bit
- 99 per cent confirmed that we've sold our house, which means we could buy another one
- Budgeting for an overseas holiday we've been planning for 500 years
- Retraining our dog who's slipped into the terrible twos era
- Interest rates, cost of living, blah blah blah
- Watching Breaking Bad Season 3 and realising it's MORE stressful than real life!

And so much more, but you'll be bored of it. I hate lumping my worries into a list on my blog, but maybe it's just venting and getting it off my shoulders and throwing it into the world so I can take a deep breathe and type this now and then... maybe it's not a worry.

Tomorrow? You'll see some of the LOL photos from that wonderful outfit post, and we'll all get ready for the weekend and it will be lovely.



  1. Full-on busy! Where do you find the time to sew? How cool is Breaking Bad?!

  2. Good luck with your interview. Back yourself and you'll be a winner.

  3. I like lists so I've replied to your list with my list:

    - Working on 6 different radio shows?? Isn't one enough? Gotta love the people expectation juggling. Work would be so much easier without the people/clients sometimes
    - Oh, government! Don't you just "love" the procedures and paperwork?!
    - Were you picking up your 17kgs of chunky puppy for a swingy cuddle?? I hope your neck feels better soon
    - Yay for selling your house! All that tedious "fix up" work pays off!
    - Overseas, that's exciting! I imagine the planning part would be time consuming though....
    - Oh, the staffy backslide :( I don't know what goes on in their big solid heads sometimes. They have periods of time where they just seem to revert to earlier years/behaviours and look at you with big, dumb (adorable) eyes like they have no idea what you're talking about when you remind them that shoes aren't a consumable item or that urine belongs in the garden, not on the carpet. Hope it's just a short phase!
    - Cost of living...sigh. While I have my own whinges on the topic it doesn't really count as the cost of living in Melbourne isn't comparable to Adelaide!
    - I keep meaning to start watching that show. I'm currently working on getting up to date with Dexter, think I'll start Breaking Bad next!

    Your life definitely sounds crazy busy at the moment, I must admit I got a little worried when you mentioned in one of your posts that you'd gone down to a 32" bust and my first thought was "stress weight loss?". I think venting is a good and healthy thing and should occur in whatever format or forum you are comfortable with. Hurl that shit at the world - the world can deal with it and it's better out there than weighing down your shoulders. Take care of yourself darling xx

  4. Oh what a stressful week! I hate those kinds of weeks, i usually can't wait for them to be over ;)
    Hope you enjoy your weekend stress free!
    Oh and your racing outfit is first class ;)


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