Monday, 13 June 2011

Husbie Monday: A freezing cold photo shoot


My Husbie gets up to tricks on photoshop, and this time instead of mad colour grading (he's a film colourist in real life) he's been at the old lasso cut n paste. (I'm guessing, as I don't really use potatoshop that much!) But I thought, today, I'd show you a little behind the scenes of a classic Husbie Photoshoot.

We had 10 minutes on the way to work last week to take the Pillowslip Dress photos, and I know the photos came up wonderfully, but it was FREEZING cold. So for the 'test' photos, I had to be rugged up and obviously really grumpy looking!

As I've been away a lot of the last month, I'm really making the Sew Weekly garment at the last possible minute (sorry Mena!), taking photos and then writing my post, and usually I am a few weeks ahead of myself. So it's a little rushed for me at the moment! But as you can see, like magic, once Husbie has the light meter right (or whatever he does while I'm grumpy), off with my jacket and a wonderfully big "I'm freaking cold" smile, and there's gorgeous photos for Mena's blog, and my blog.

But, we're friends here right? So the trick, I think, to having 5 or 6 gorgeous photos to make 'public', is to take at least double that (plus the 'test the light grumpy' photo above) so you have maybe 20 or so photos of you in different poses. There will be the LOL photos that you can delete and the cute photos that you can publish and you're comfortable with. Of course, at the moment, I have no qualms about being a dickhead, so this post is FULL of photos I'd probably have never published online... lucky you! I'm in a funny mood!

Funny arms with a 'I'm freaking still cold' face!

BUT, have a look at the outline around me (you can especially see it on my ponytail and the left edge of my furry coat in the photo above), it's the sunlight coming through the hedge, and this creates a 'backlighting' effect. (Please forgive me if you are a real photographer and have been educated! I'm always terrible with explaining things with their correct terminology!) BUT, when you're taking photos outside look to where the sun is coming from and usually if you stand between it and the camera, you'll be backlit and therefore you'll stand out more from the background!

ANOTHER TRICK? Your camera won't want to use the flash, as it's really bright with the sun coming through, but if you 'force the flash' you'll make sure you're well lit AND the backlighting remains. Sometimes if your backlighting is really strong (ie a super hugely sunny day) you'll be in the dark, so forcing the flash creates a 'flash fill' at the front. The photos above were taken at 8am here in Melbourne, so the sun was up but not super strong, and also at a great angle for these photos because it was lower to the ground (as it's wintertime sun).

Lighting is really cool, and I bet if you play around a bit, you'll get some really cool results!

We're having a LONG weekend here, because of the Queen's Birthday! YAY QUEENIE! Means more sewing for me!


  1. I think this is great thank you for sharing, I recently bought myself a Nikon D90 wishing my husband could shoot a decent photo of me, he's terrible he he. So it's me my little remote, tripod and photoshop. Hope you're having a lovely long weekend. Cant wait to see what you stitch up for next weeks challenge.

  2. Your photos are great! I'm lucky if I get ONE good photo!
    But I take my own photos like Kazz Pell above, and I have no idea about lighting metres etc. Just lil ol me running out in front and trying not to look too dorky... As for photoshopping, I don't have that either, I've just got iPhoto which is quite basic and I just twiddle with the shadows, and cropping. I really should study on how to actually use my camera...
    Havagood weekend! :)

  3. hehe, you do look v grumpy in the first one! The second one is really cute though!

  4. i love everything about this post.

    tried my first outdoor photos last week, and i wish i'd had your advice! i needed to force the flash! (love how that sounds.)

    husbie is awesome. and as for you, i never would have guessed the temperature!


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