Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sew Weekly: Pretending it's summer!

Hello, and thank you so much for all your darling happy comments on my post last week! I just read them all now, and it makes me so happy! Yippee! Here are my final photos from Magnetic Island in Queensland (Husbie and I went for rock walk!) which we took after my brother's wedding. Thank you all for the well wishes, and it was a very nice affair indeed.

This week I've been in Sydney for work, so hence my lack of posting! It was really fun as I got to work with a bunch of my darling Sydney based colleagues and see some great bands and eat some awesome food and smash some yummy champagne. I had a panic on Monday that I'd left my crochet at home, and I'd get a crafty craving (honestly, I sometimes do get a niggle when I'm away from the sewing room, CRAFTY NERD ALERT) but it was just far too busy all week to even sit still.

This dress is for Sew Weekly's Summer Dress theme, as it's now Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and all you loves who live there must be happy for some warmer days! It's officially winter here in Australia of course, but I thought since we were in Queensland I could make a versatile dress summer AND winter. I've worn it a few times with tights and a cardigan but I'll be able to wait til our summertime for it to become a comfy beach dress.

At the moment, I'm writing this at the Sydney Airport, and I'm planning on some more posts and different ideas for my blog! All great things (I hope), but more on that soon! Of course, I have some funny photos for you as well (in case you missed my post on Sew Weekly, the little creature is a rock wallaby!):

Chat soon!


  1. You look just adorable! Sigh, I'm sorta pining for summer already, crazy, no?
    And, have I ever commented on how gorgeous your hair is? So so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous you!!!

  3. Love these photos! It looks soooo pretty!!!


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