Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Slipping in a refashion

This week for the Sew Weekly theme, we've all been making something out of a pillowcase, or a pair of pillowcases.

Mena has prepared some good advice in looking for these items at the thrift store or op shop, and I'd agree! I'm certainly no stranger to using bedlinen in my creations before, and I'd strongly recommend using doona covers and bedsheets if you are a beginner seamstress! You can cut up as much as you like to try out skirts and dresses, and no harm or great amount of dosh lost if you stuff it up. Believe me, I've stuffed up a LOT in my sewing! AND, I may or may not be starting to reveal a stuff up right now... hmmm?

I went to Savers a few weeks back and found some pillowslips!

Really basic but large printed 80s ones, and the only ones that were a proper twinset that I liked. They are also handmade! CUTE! But, I then went to Sydney for work and finished my dress yesterday, and it's not really up my alley. I wished I'd bought the pillowslips and made the dress straight after, because with a bit of time away from the sewing room... I totally couldn't remember why I'd chosen such a large print and really couldn't remember what pattern I'd had in mind for it... I wish I could plan better with my sewing, but I'm just so impulsive!

Such a show pony is old Doggie Darling! Anyways, my Sew Weekly post goes up later this week and you'll see what's what!


  1. Looking forward to see your post on the pillowcase challenge ! xx

  2. I'm sure you'll figure something out to make with those pillowcases. And it will be pretty too! :)

  3. i can't imagine it looking anything but gorgeous on you. i am very interested to see what everyone can make out of a pillowcase or two ... what a concept! speaking of gorgeous, your Doggie Darling is so so CUTE! she obviously approves of the fabric choice ;-)

  4. What a cute puppy! Strangely, I saw you in Sydney on friday night, you were with a group of friends, and I contemplated running up all giddy like and asking for your autorgraph so you looked like a sewing celebrity, but general propriety stopped me ;) Look forward to seeing what you make of this challenge!

  5. I agree, sewing while the passion is still there is the way to go. I don't always follow this good advice myself though.
    I'm sure your dress will be very cute. I like the print! If I tried to make a dress out of a pillow slip, I would need at least three for it to be fit for public viewing!

  6. I'd need about six pillow cases to cover me!


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