Sunday, 31 July 2011

Husbie Sunday: Caught on film

Husbie loves photoshopping up a film still alright! Hope your weekend is darling! I'm at Splendour in the Grass busting a few gutz working, and back soon. xoxo

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sew Weekly: At the Movies

Last week's Sew Weekly wrapped up Hitchcock completely! Mystery, murder, birds! We really got into the fun of it all, and personally, I think it was the best looking week for all of us! You can see the archives of Sew Weekly to find us, and get a little boggled (like I just did) at all the creations so far! OMG!

Lean with me, for my Grace Kelly look is about to get weird:

Husbie was directing me! I hadn't realised how muscle-y my legs are. OMG what exercise have I been doing to get those?

And a little spying, a la Rear Window:

 It's such a sweet dress, and really lovely to wear. The MIFF opening was last week, and I wore it without the tulle underneath (like this photo below)

Thanks for visiting my blog once again just for the pictures! I'm a little strapped for time this next week, but I'll be back gung-ho in August. And one of those blog a day challenges in September! Plus of course, I still want to shake up the look of the site. Recently you may have heard me worried IRL (You got most of it Sophie and Stasia) about how I'm not reading your dear comments... blogger sometimes breaks and it's hard to leave a comment. GOSH DARN I do not like that. We'll see if I can work out how to migrate to another publisher though. Maybe Google Plus will change blogger too?

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Sweet Room

I never want to start my posts with 'Hey, I'm busy at the moment' but I'm so that Busy Bee at the moment! (When am I not!?) Here's a series of In the Sewing Room photos I took last week as I was prepping for the wonderful Alfred Hitchcock film theme for the Sew Weekly! If you're dying to see my dress (and haven't already), my post is on Sew Weekly, and I'm getting the photos ready for you at the moment, which I'll hope to post tomorrow! What a big catch up post that'll be!

The fabric I used is vintage, and kind of upholstery type material, called Cassandra! Cute! I listened to This American Life while I sewed. And had heaps of tea in my Spiderman Tea Cup (or Husbie's teacup, I should say!) while resizing the skirt pattern pieces. As I mention over in the Sew Weekly post, the material I had was about 1 metre too short, and with three skirt pieces that had to be cut 2 times each, it was a little bit of maths and accordion skirt pieces. Accordion because I had to fold and re-fold a lot of horizontal edges to make the skirt pieces fit the fabric. Yay for remnant fabric pieces from the op shop! Yay for sewing in general!

This week I'm going CRAZY because once again I'm working at Splendour in the Grass where our radio station will be broadcasting shitloads of live music and interviews and I'll be running around NOT wearing this Hitchcock dress!

Talk soon, and hope you're well xoxo

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

And the album cover!


Husbie loves the old photoshoppe! And gosh he's good!

Hope you're having a gorgeous week! Once again, I'm in the middle of organised chaos at my house, but somehow I can pretend I'm not sick, pretend the house is clean and watch ABC news nonstop to see how those Murdoch/Hacking investigations unfold. The time difference is a bit off, but it's just so interesting. Did you happen to see Jon Stewart's amazing 'catch up' piece?


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sew Weekly: LOVE Y'ALL!

I'm getting my country on y'all, for this week's Sew Weekly theme has been about album covers, and all came about because my darling friend is having a party, and the theme: Album Covers! We love rekkids and choones, especially since at my work we've just wrapped up this epic collection of democratic music voting!

My Sew Weekly post has the usual LOL and explanation of my dress, but to save you the time (but do go visit, Mena's White Stripes outfit is GORGEOUS! Plus Kazz does a gorgeous job filling in for Debi, making up an extra dress for mod girl group The Like. One of my big sayings last year was 'Do you like The Like? I like The Like too'!) it's pretty much Dolly Parton inspired from her album 'All I Can Do' and because Husbie I wanted to match for the party, he'll go as Kenny Rogers! YAY!

A bit of Dolly dancing!

I actually bought new fabric, because I don't seem to have an red left for dresses! I have a few remnants here and there, but nothing totally dress ready! It's from Spotlight, and considering I have't been there for ages, not much has changed! It's hard to find good material, it's expensive and there's always a long wait to be served. And I was there right on opening! You guys need more staff!

This cotton was made in Japan, and 100 per cent cotton, and totally fine for my outfit this week. As you know, I'm totes committed to recycling and reusing fabrics, as most of my materials are hand me downs, op shopped or second hand, and where possible I try and keep this up! One of the comments over on Sew Weekly this week was, 'OMG you bought new fabric!' so yes, 99 per cent of the time I use thrifted fabrics!

Anyways, hope you've had a GORGEOUS week and a darling weekend, talk soon xoxo

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sew Weekly: Between two ferns

Hi! I've got a bit to catch up on because I haven't shown you last week's Sew Weekly creation yet! It was inspired by Lilly Pulitzer, an American designer, who I google imaged searched like crazy last week, and found her fabric choices to be very nostalgic and not unlike vintage bedsheets, vintage tablecloths or vintage ... curtains. Which seemed to suit my style a bit, especially since my lovely Pulitzer Fern dress today, is made from 1 x 1 (x 2 of course!) metre curtains (bought from the op shop still with the plastic hoops attached).

You could say I'm a little happy about winning my Pulitzer Prize. LOL. 

It's funny seeing these photos as I've visited the Hairdresser for my update since then, and I've already forgotten how dark my hair is along the roots. I've been asked before, but my natural hair colour is very light mouse-y blonde, and I'm perfectly in love with the platinum here. My hairdresser is Corrin, of Corrin's Hair Lounge in Brunswick (MELBS) and she's also a total darling and I bet if you dropped in you'd marvel at her vintage-esque hair lounge, and her darling handmade pieces around the store. YES, she's a crafty queen as well.

So, another 'How I styled it' photo for you, because it is a little cold here in Melbs and there's no way in hell I'd walk anywhere without a jacket! My super smiles in the above photos are actually "I'm totes freezing, quick with the photos Husbie!". 

This week currently at Sew Weekly, we're making musical outfits: creations inspired by album covers! I just ADORE Mena's White Stripes influenced romper!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shoesday: Boring Winter

Hey! Man, it's been a while! Hope you are still goodlooking!

I'm going to be fiddling around with the blog over the next wee while, updating and moving things around, but only slowly and nothing too drastically. I always like tweaking! Let me know if it starts to get too weird!

My shoesday from top to bottom: Cowboy Boots, Docs that look like Campers & my red vintage Shoobiz type boots. Winter can mean some boring Shoesdays. I *thought* it was a smidge warmer today. Just maybe 1 degree warmer. Wishful thinking?


Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Obvious

Happy Weekend! I've been relaxing with my ipad (playing the free Tiny Tower - so cute!) while sewing this week's Sew Weekly dress, and taking stock of things. In the last 2 months my job, which was a contract position, became permanent! It was advertised, I applied (of course!) and had the interview. And got the job! Yay! I'm officially a Senior Producer now, of radio, and have all sorts of awesome things to do. You know I don't delve into my day to day working life, as it's not sewing related, plus it's kinda detailed and I just love that we're friends here, away from my job. BUT, I'm super happy and I love all the people I work with so it's great I can keep on working there.

So I've just been reflecting and relaxing and planning things this weekend.

Don't you adore vintage graphic design? Most of my zippers are from the op shop and I haven't seen these drawings before, but I love how obvious they are. What do I do with a zipper? Oh, that's right I can make jeans and skirts with it!


Dongmen Lu Fabric Market

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