Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Sweet Room

I never want to start my posts with 'Hey, I'm busy at the moment' but I'm so that Busy Bee at the moment! (When am I not!?) Here's a series of In the Sewing Room photos I took last week as I was prepping for the wonderful Alfred Hitchcock film theme for the Sew Weekly! If you're dying to see my dress (and haven't already), my post is on Sew Weekly, and I'm getting the photos ready for you at the moment, which I'll hope to post tomorrow! What a big catch up post that'll be!

The fabric I used is vintage, and kind of upholstery type material, called Cassandra! Cute! I listened to This American Life while I sewed. And had heaps of tea in my Spiderman Tea Cup (or Husbie's teacup, I should say!) while resizing the skirt pattern pieces. As I mention over in the Sew Weekly post, the material I had was about 1 metre too short, and with three skirt pieces that had to be cut 2 times each, it was a little bit of maths and accordion skirt pieces. Accordion because I had to fold and re-fold a lot of horizontal edges to make the skirt pieces fit the fabric. Yay for remnant fabric pieces from the op shop! Yay for sewing in general!

This week I'm going CRAZY because once again I'm working at Splendour in the Grass where our radio station will be broadcasting shitloads of live music and interviews and I'll be running around NOT wearing this Hitchcock dress!

Talk soon, and hope you're well xoxo


  1. Your dress is fantastic! You totally look the part :)

  2. This is such a tease post. Can't quite see the pattern number but great fabric. Looking forward to seeing it come alive. don't work to hard.

  3. love the fabric! and the photos atmosphire is amazing!

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