Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sew Weekly: At the Movies

Last week's Sew Weekly wrapped up Hitchcock completely! Mystery, murder, birds! We really got into the fun of it all, and personally, I think it was the best looking week for all of us! You can see the archives of Sew Weekly to find us, and get a little boggled (like I just did) at all the creations so far! OMG!

Lean with me, for my Grace Kelly look is about to get weird:

Husbie was directing me! I hadn't realised how muscle-y my legs are. OMG what exercise have I been doing to get those?

And a little spying, a la Rear Window:

 It's such a sweet dress, and really lovely to wear. The MIFF opening was last week, and I wore it without the tulle underneath (like this photo below)

Thanks for visiting my blog once again just for the pictures! I'm a little strapped for time this next week, but I'll be back gung-ho in August. And one of those blog a day challenges in September! Plus of course, I still want to shake up the look of the site. Recently you may have heard me worried IRL (You got most of it Sophie and Stasia) about how I'm not reading your dear comments... blogger sometimes breaks and it's hard to leave a comment. GOSH DARN I do not like that. We'll see if I can work out how to migrate to another publisher though. Maybe Google Plus will change blogger too?


  1. That is one awesome dress! You look amazing - it looks so professional.

  2. It's lovely. The fabric is darling. I love the spying picture.

  3. That is my favourite dress of yours, ever!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! And with the petticoat on underneath, making that skirt all magnificently pouffy, it is superb!! So is the September thing, going to be Self-Stitched September? You sure have a wonderful collection to last through the month!

  5. beautiful floral fabric!

    I am drooling..

  6. I love this! You look so pretty and demure. Well done, Grace Darling.

  7. this dress is amazing! It looks fantastic on you. I love how full it is. I am a sucker for a full skirted 50s dress!

  8. I love your blog! I'm a sewing "Veronica" too, but I'm not so skilful. I hope to become able like you sometime!

  9. To answer your question about what exercises you've been doing to get calves like those, I suppose walking around in those heels might be the reason. But don't hate on them though, they're beautiful.


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