Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sew Weekly: LOVE Y'ALL!

I'm getting my country on y'all, for this week's Sew Weekly theme has been about album covers, and all came about because my darling friend is having a party, and the theme: Album Covers! We love rekkids and choones, especially since at my work we've just wrapped up this epic collection of democratic music voting!

My Sew Weekly post has the usual LOL and explanation of my dress, but to save you the time (but do go visit, Mena's White Stripes outfit is GORGEOUS! Plus Kazz does a gorgeous job filling in for Debi, making up an extra dress for mod girl group The Like. One of my big sayings last year was 'Do you like The Like? I like The Like too'!) it's pretty much Dolly Parton inspired from her album 'All I Can Do' and because Husbie I wanted to match for the party, he'll go as Kenny Rogers! YAY!

A bit of Dolly dancing!

I actually bought new fabric, because I don't seem to have an red left for dresses! I have a few remnants here and there, but nothing totally dress ready! It's from Spotlight, and considering I have't been there for ages, not much has changed! It's hard to find good material, it's expensive and there's always a long wait to be served. And I was there right on opening! You guys need more staff!

This cotton was made in Japan, and 100 per cent cotton, and totally fine for my outfit this week. As you know, I'm totes committed to recycling and reusing fabrics, as most of my materials are hand me downs, op shopped or second hand, and where possible I try and keep this up! One of the comments over on Sew Weekly this week was, 'OMG you bought new fabric!' so yes, 99 per cent of the time I use thrifted fabrics!

Anyways, hope you've had a GORGEOUS week and a darling weekend, talk soon xoxo


  1. Adorable!! I love your head scarf too :) I have some red and white polka dot fabric in my stash, I can't wait to use it now!
    Ashley x

  2. Super cute! Love the theme! :) One day I will learn to sew!! :)

    Happy Summer!

  3. Love love love the dress!!! It is so cute on you. I am a sucker for red polka dots. I actually bought fabric which might be the exact same from Spotlight a few weeks ago.

  4. Lovely party dress! And... they are selling Japanese cotton at Spotlight now? That is a real step up for them, I must check it out!

  5. I loved what you did for this challenge, but feel sad that you had to pay that much for the fabric when you thrift so well, I can imagine polka dots being snapped up real fast at the oppy. The dress fits you so well and your photos are always so much fun, you did Dolly proud. Thank you for the shout out too xx

  6. Lovely and fun dress! Love your dancing pictures. Your dress just reminds me of the Minnie Mouse Birthday Dress I ust made for my little girl, if you just click on my blog here you can see it:-


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