Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shoesday: Boring Winter

Hey! Man, it's been a while! Hope you are still goodlooking!

I'm going to be fiddling around with the blog over the next wee while, updating and moving things around, but only slowly and nothing too drastically. I always like tweaking! Let me know if it starts to get too weird!

My shoesday from top to bottom: Cowboy Boots, Docs that look like Campers & my red vintage Shoobiz type boots. Winter can mean some boring Shoesdays. I *thought* it was a smidge warmer today. Just maybe 1 degree warmer. Wishful thinking?



  1. Awww, your feet look so cute in the middle photo! I have small feet/cute shoe envy! Good luck wishing the weather warmer, I'm wishing along with you :) Stay warm, hug a husband or a staffy. Hope you have fun with your recreational tweaking. Take care of yourself, I hope life is going well xx

  2. Hi, I'm a relatively new reader and don't remember if I've commented before. Just wanted to say I like your shoes and I'm a bit envious because the weather is so stupidly hot here right now. :)

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