Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sew Weekly: Ahoy there!

Oh hai, I made a dress the other week.

Oh yes, a nautical theme dress!

I tried a pin up pose

It had bows and ties and stripes from stretch knit fabric

I strolled along the north pier, near Luna Park in Sydney

Waved at ferries to be friendly

Pulled out a 'fun' pose just for Husbie

And tried to be sophisticated in front of a giant face with no lower jaw bone.
More details over at my Sew Weekly post, if you love knowing those details. AND, my 'western' theme dress will go up tomorrow (Australian time, I believe!). I'm getting BACK into the swing as August is the BEST month for me workwise! I totes survived Splendour in the Grass, and can also share with you some dress up photos from the party where I became Dolly Parton for realsa. Oh you wait til you see those falsies! (EYELASHES OF COURSE!)



  1. You are TOTES a pinup!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Adorable dress! I love the floppy bow at the front, it is a divine little sailor-y touch!

  3. Gorgeous dress and thanks for showcasing my fav Sydney town. Did you use a pattern for this dress?


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