Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sew Weekly: China Town

I made another dress!

Whaddaya reckon? (That's Australian for what do you think of it?) Husbie and I went on a Date Night, and then stopped off in China Town to take the photos. I'm in LOVE with them and he's done a brilliant job making the dress look lifelike and normal, but also wonderful at the same time.

The dress itself was really tricky. And stumped me as a seamstress, however it's still wearable and gorgeous. I look so slim in some of the phots I'm amazed! There's some discussion about the fabric over on the Sew Weekly post, as I thought it was silk, but others think it's 'brocade' which I've never heard of before, and then others think it's silk brocade.

It was what stumped me, but didn't stop me from finishing it up. It moved around when I sewed, but thinking back, I don't think I pinned enough so perhaps I could have avoided the slippery-ness that way. I also didn't make a muslin/toile so the fit is a bit off around the neckline, but I think I'll gather it up and make a sweetheart dip around the bust instead of a straight-across gapey neckline.

This week's theme for Sew Weekly was VIP fabrics from the stash, and Husbie had given me this (he'd gone especially to the fabric store to choose it) about 8 years ago. I really did want to be an experience seamstress before I sewed with it, and whilst I stuffed up a little, I feel I'm a lot more experienced now than when he gave it to me! Honestly back then, I shivered with even the thought of cutting it (of course I only used bedsheets for all my clothes back then) so I actually felt a little cocky making up this one.

For you pattern lovers this one is Very Easy Very Vogue (as opposed to 'sorta Vogue' or a 'little bit' Vogue, this one is VERY Vogue) 7796 and is from 1990. Which feels like 2 years ago, and is actually almost 22 years ago. WTF! It's very easy, like it claims, and next time I should use a size down in the top torso. I had to adjust the waist as well, because of my bombshell hourglass figure (the more trim/healthy I get, the larger the bust and hips, and the thinner the waist.) but next time I think using the smaller size, perhaps going for an 8 would be better. Oh the woes of petites. Remember I am only 4 eleven peeps! This is a normal sized woman you're looking at. Possibly five foot in these Melissa heels. Oh did you know I love Melissa's? WHO'D HAVE GUESSED.

Hope you've had a great weekend darling! xoxo


  1. Such a darling dress!
    I think silk brocade just means it has those coloured embroidery threads running across at the back and popping out at the front for the dragonfly bits... it's lovely!
    And your husband does indeed take great photos, the colours here are amazing

  2. Gorgeous! Love the dress, the photos, the tights and shoes with it...everything! Had no idea you were so petite too--barely five feet myself, so I love seeing another small gal looking like a fabulous model. :)

  3. They are amazing photos of your lovely dress. The fabric is gorgeous, and the sheath is a perfect style for it.

  4. Awesome!!
    Such a pretty dress :-D

    I think brocade is the weave much like velvet is and then you can get it in different fabrics.

  5. She's a total winner sweetie, I know what you mean about the pattern year it really does seem like yesterday arrr time passes by too quickly. You look gorgeous and soooo sa-la-la-linky.

    I've never made a muslin/toile, I don't know if I'd have time to do that lol, It does make sense though.

  6. Love the dragonflies! And the shoes tie it all together so well.

  7. You made that!? That is SO cute. Just 110% awesome.


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