Friday, 23 September 2011

Blossoms and the Bee

Husbie and I took this week's Sew Weekly Colour Palette (spring in my case, autumn for the rest of them) photos (my post goes up today) on Sunday, and it was so beautiful in Melbourne. Warm, sunny, breezy and everyone was out smiling. These blossom and bee photos are taken by Husbie, who has 3 bookings for weddings in the next few months. If you haven't seen his website, it's Shotgun Pictures, his friend Chris takes the photos in Sydney, and Husbie in Melbourne. A little side project for them, and great photos!

Talking of websites, last weekend, I picked up, much to my astonishment it was available! I think it was a photographers holding page a few years ago, and for some reason I thought to check it via the Australian domain names website thingy, where you register pages, and it was free. Now that I've paid for it for 2 years - $100 - I'll have to work out what to do with it! I suppose I can update this blog to sit there, and I'm sure it's not too hard to do. My brain needs a holiday to even think about starting that project! If you've gone over to your own domain name outside of blogger/blogspot/wordpress etc, let me know if there's any first steps!



  1. Blogger makes it so easy to redirect your blog to the site! You just edit it in your Settings. People will still be able to access your site through the old address, and the new one. Congrats on getting the web address! And your Spring 'Fall' palette looks lovely :) Can't wait to see your creation!

  2. The weather is beautiful here in Sydney too. Change due this evening, weep.

  3. Those photos are very beautiful, what a great colorpalette for a wardrobe.

  4. Stunning photos... & my first thought was, they would make a beautiful fabric print.

    Keep on enjoying the sunshine as my experiences of Melbourne are... four seasons in one day.

    I know little to nothing about creating a website, though I have considered it for brief moments.

    best of luck

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