Friday, 2 September 2011

Self Stitched September 2011: Beginnings


It's officially springtime, it's a celebration of sewing all around the world (in sewing blog circles and on Facebook and Twitter and what not!) and I've got photos to share and outfits galore and I'm super happy as I've got a new computer thanks to taxtime.

Too much information for one post, so! For now: my pledge to myself for September!

I, Veronica Darling of, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept '11. I endeavour to wear one self-stitched garment (with the majority from my 2011 Sew Weekly collection) each day for the duration of September 2011'

I'll be following up my pledge here on my blog, daily and if you don't mind too much, I'll be using my phone to document my outfits! I struggle sometimes with posting regularly without gorgeous pictures, but I really wanna share with you my progress, so I hope you don't mind the lower quality! 

First up! This is Day 1 of Self Stitched September!
Yesterday I wore my red duffle coat to work! I made for the Great Britain themed week at Sew Weekly, and it can also be seen here on my blog with Doggie Darling in tow. It's still a little cold around the edges here in Melbourne, and even though it's harder to tell, I'm also wearing a handmade 'Sweater Dress', I made it a couple of months back, but overlooked photographing it for you. It's knit stretch material, with a massive cowl neck that I've made kinda like a neck muff:
LOL: when you pull it up a little too far! So Day 1: Success with two pieces I've made this year!

Yep! I'll try and make it Sew Weekly focussed, because it's been a very indulgent year of sewing for myself, and I want to show that MOSTLY I'm wearing what I sew. I've NEVER sewn this much for myself (it's been 8 months of weekly sewing, and ALL outfits for me to wear) ever, and whilst it's incredible to have such a large variety to choose from, I actually don't have enough wardrobe space and I thought I'd use September to see what I do like and what I do wear, and to feel proud of what I've made.

Now onto today, Day 2 of Self Stitched September, today:
I made this dress during American Apparel week, where we selected an American designer to be inspired by, and mine was Lilly Pulitzer. I've worn it a couple of times, but prefer it with a belt, as it's kinda big around the back (or kinda under my arms) and waist. Here are some more photos of the dress from when I made it in July. I'm also seriously into wearing Husbie's grey cardigan, because today isn't AS cold as yesterday, so instead of a jacket this slouchy cardi is perfect for work.
I'm wearing my black boot heels as well, and it wasn't until I left the house that I thought this might be a weird look with an oversized cardi. Oh well!

Thanks for reading my darling blog friends! I'm super excited to be doing SSS and look forward to hanging out with you a bit more!


  1. These phone photos are great. You look like you are enjoying yourself! The outfit with the red coat is so fab. Maybe I need a red coat...

  2. Two very cute outfits! I love the red coat, and the photo with the cowl up made me smile :)
    So great that you are looking to get lots more wear out of your amazing sew weekly creations!

  3. I'm excited to see your outfits everyday as I love your style!

  4. Hi there! I've been following you for yonks but just had to come out of the woodwork to say how much I love your pictures in this post! Love your outfits and love the personality that you show. Enjoy SSS 11 I'm in too but haven't posted yet!


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