Friday, 9 September 2011

Sew Weekly: Back to School

Here's my 'Back to School' dress for the Sew Weekly Mad for Plaid theme last week! (Do you know that I still read 'plaid' as rhyming with 'LAID'? It's totally not in my vocab, however gingham and checks are) BAD SEAMSTRESS.

The pattern is from the New Stylish Dress book, which is a Japanese book but all in English (and like Lisa's link there) it was my first ever attempt at using a Japanese pattern book! As you know, I stick mostly with vintage patterns that I've collected from op shops, but this lovely book was a birthday present from my brother and sister in law! What a great gift! I would never think to buy a pattern book myself, and this one is just to die for. There are 26 patterns, labelled A to Z and so many darling dresses!

Of course, I've used a second hand tablecloth and I love the colours! Husbie and I went down to Yarraville (do you recognise this side of the station Nikkishell?) for these photos, and he did a 'heavy' colour grade on them! He's a great photographer these days hey??????

Catch you over the weekend xoxo


  1. I love the ruffled sleeves and your geeky look is fab. You are even pulling faces my 7 year old school girl pulls;)

  2. Love love love this dress! I have actually been looking at a vintage pattern on etsy with a very similar style and this may just have convinced me to buy it.

  3. Well hello! In my neck of the woods (not that you live far away) and we are STILL yet to bump into each other. One day.......
    (Both times we have met have been in the City when we've been working!)

    Great dress :)

  4. You're too adorable! Well done you for leaping into a new world of pattern books - it has paid (plaid?) off! And super amazing matching on those seams! I've got some plaid (or checked) material I haven't touched yet mostly because I'm terrified of the whole matching thing. I had a bad experience making some dinosaur PJ pants for my nephew. Lets just say there were some disembodied dinosaurs across the front seam line....

    PS. Are you not supposed to pronounce "plaid" as rhyming with "laid"? Is that us "butchering" the language by being a little bit Aussie? Is it meant to be "plad" as in rhyming with "vlad"? I could marry an Oxford English Dictionary (I like to think Nick would understand) but now I'm confused!

  5. You're looking nerdy, but really cool :D (And a lot younger o.o Guess it's because of the glasses)


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