Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sew Weekly: Easy Being Green

Wanna see some babes in gorgeous handmade dresses?

Kazz and I caught up for a gorgeous little soiree in the city, with a little Great Gatsby jive for this week's Sew Weekly theme. Darling Kazz made MOST of her outfit, and you can see all her elements all together in a fabulouso photo montage!

We met up at Madame Brussels in the city last weekend, and I'd started piecing the dress together Saturday night, and finished up Sunday morning, with a little 'That'll Do' kinda vibe. It's a great result for a gown, but I don't know if I'm a full length kinda gal, considering the petiteness and the having to lift the skirt up when you walk etc. I'm also wearing 4 inche heels to keep things from dragging along the ground.

But I simply adore the sleeves! And Kazz!


The full details of how I put it together Frankenstein like is in my Sew Weekly post, and I feel really proud of my write up this week, so I do urge you to pop along and have a read! Not one to gush (or am I always one to gush?), but I loved how overdramatic I got!

Hope you've had a great weekend!



  1. WOW your dress is really impressive! And the color is so shining!!

  2. I love that you guys got to meet up! You both look absolutely smashing!!!

  3. You both look beautiful. I love your green dress and the way you styled your hair is gorgeous!

  4. Yay I thought your write up was fabulously well written and very entertaining and I love these photos of us both too. Gush away sweetie you're fab xxoo


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