Monday, 12 September 2011

Sew Weekly: In need of a dye job

Do you do colour? Do you get a dye job?

I of course (wait for it, you *will* be shocked) am not a natural blonde. I know, I really should have made you sit down first.

So I look towards the Hairdressers this week after seeing this gorgeous hairline:

Darling Corrin's Hair Lounge in Brunswick! Google her from great vintage chats about crochet! xoxo

Last week we were doing fabric manipulation, like colouring, dying and painting! Go and have a look at everyone's great stuff! Mena broke the internet with her pink dress, Adey made the ships sail by, my yellow became toned down, Debi almost flew away with her balloons (or perhaps flew to America!) and darling Sarah became confused but gorgeous in the end!

I can't wait for this week's Great Gatsby theme to get online! Talk soon and Happy Monday! xoxo


  1. That is a gorgeous dress. I also am 'decidedly blonde' - foils, not whole head so the line is not as distinct.

  2. Gorgeous! I cheated and nipped over to Sew Weekly to check it out before you revealed it here.. hehe... I couldn't wait


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