Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sew Weekly: Still Livin' in the 70s

Wow, things have changed around here in blogger world, a different way to post (I'm using Husbie's computer, so maybe that's it!) and view the behind the scenes parts of my blog. Thanks for updating it all blogger peeps, I wonder if this will make me think of staying with blogger instead of moving around to typepad or elsewhere!?

Today's post was supposed to be out already, because it's the start of SEPTEMBER!

The start of spring! Which also means a great thing in some online sewing circles: SSS - Self Stitched September. There's several months dedicated to wearing your wardrobe, and perhaps you've been involved in some. I did SSS last year (where you wear the clothes you make for each day in the month) and it was a good time of year, it's getting warmer for us in Melbourne and I feel as it's essentially and 'Outfit of the Day' type blogging regime, it's easier for me to keep up as the days are a bit longer (those naughty daylight hours in wintertime) etc.

So, I'll start my SSS Adventures formally tomorrow, and show you for now my seventies slacks from last week's Sew Weekly theme!

The fabric was a small remnant, but being a shortarse I managed to fit the pattern pieces ok, but with hardly any hem at the bottom. PHEW!

For the photos, we went to a warehouse or factory type area that's been converted into offices, a gym and several discreet homes. It's pretty gorgeous down there! We found it after looking at a warehouse shell that was listed for sale, but it's not really zoned for residential, and didn't think we could survive without a backyard because of Doggie Darling. We've been looking for a house for a few weeks now, and hopefully we'll have news soon. I told you it's been busy and fun and awesome!

And my TV character pose, with a Husbie mad colour grade:

It was also my birthday last week, so thanks for the love on facebook and twitter - you guys are gorgeous! I'm hoping with SSS I'll be back here everyday so we'll be able to spend a bit more time together again. Oh! And my Sew Weekly post for this week (a 'back to school' theme with plaid/tartan!) should go up today or tomorrow, and it's pretty funny!



  1. Cute outfit. You reminded me that the summer here is close to being over whereas yours is just beginning. We had the hottest summer on record here, so I am kind of glad it is ending. Love the last photo!

  2. They look fab. I love the fabric and they fit you so well.

  3. Totally Fab, and you are oozing hardcore 70's attitude. Love it!

  4. Awesome slacks, Veronica, and happy belated birthday for last week! I hope you had a wonderful day!
    I'm joining in the SSS love also, so I shall see you there. Today was almost hot in Perth, not quite, but *almost*! Yay!

  5. Another great set of photos! I'll see you over at SSS. Here it is still summer, still dreadfully hot most days. I hope I get to wear some autumn wardrobe in September!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the fabric and the fit is perfect. I just saw the new colette patterns and they have a pair of cigarette pants that I would love to make.

  7. Great pants - the wide leg and high waist is very flattering. I had a similar cut of pants (in a mushroomy pink) that I wore everywhere circa 1976.

  8. I cannot get over how fabulous these pants are!


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