Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SSS Day 14: Toy Camera

Today a toy camera lens arrived in the post, Husbie bought it for his Canon cameras. It's totally plastic, and has basic settings, here's us testing it out with Doggie Darling in the backyard. These photos are totally raw (apart from my framed curved edges - that I <3 so much!) and are so interesting with the vignette thingie. Husbie was excited about how 'soft' they look. WHATEVER!

As it still is Self Stitched September (did you know there's a facebook group and a flickr group as well? I don't have as much time to update my photos over there, but just getting my outfits up here is enough for me - and you maybe!) here's what I wore today. A LBD and scarf/cowl: handmade ... tights and two cardigans: thrifted... shoes: MELISSA!

I just searched my archives, but I must have made this dress and didn't post a photo of it, way back in 2007. I found THIS dress, which is a second version that I made up for a friend. It's super short, but I wear little black shorts underneath, and considering I'm so petite even if it lifts a bit, no one seems to notice. Of course, I was just working today, but then I had a facial! Yippee! And also, I googled travel details because I decided to go on a holiday to Cambodia with my friend! Double Yippee! More details to come!

Talk soon xoxo


  1. Cute outfit, cute photos (can photos be cute? I vote yes), cute dog - wins all round! I love that you and Doggie Darling are colour coordiated!

    That's a really interesting camera lense too, I love learning photography stuff from you! Happy Cambodia planning!

  2. You are so cute! I adore this dress.. hmm wonder if it would look half as good on a tall person like me? I wish!

  3. Aaaah, I want a toy camera for my Canon too! And a husband who likes to play with toy-camera-lenses ;-)


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