Friday, 16 September 2011

SSS Day 15 & 16: Love Music!

Happy Friday!

This week for Self Stitched September I wore my Gumnut Baby dress (made this year for Sew Weekly's Childrens Book theme) yesterday and I saw some fun young bands play in my neighbourhood! We live in Western Melbs, and there's not your typical amount of live music venues, so when awesome bands play in your suburb, you can't say no!

Here's me last night when I got home! I was super excited to see my fave band: Drunk Mums. They're from the western suburbs of Melbs also and really punky fun!

Today I wore this apron dress, and saw Lanie Lane perform! She was stunning and so vintage-y sweet, you'd really love her and her style! I'm not 100 % sold on this apron dress, it looks cute and flattering here, but it feels bulky and I feel very wide when I wear it. So it kinda makes me not wear it. I should picture this photo when I wear it next, because it looks sweet.

I tell you what? I'm OVER wearing tights. I'm hoping hoping hoping tomorrow is warm enough to ditch the tights and wear bare legs for reals. It's still kinda warm now, this late at night, so fingers crossed it'll be proper springtime tomorrow. I wanna wear sandals and skirts and floppy clothes again instead of tight tights!



  1. Loving your daily style.
    Are you jumping on the bed??? Tut tut, my husband gave my little boy a demonstration on how to jump on the bed like superman and snapped it in two!! HA ha. We are still sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

  2. I think the apron dress is gorgeous! It looks lovely on you. But I know what you mean about how you perceive it making you not wear it. I have a few things like that too. I really need to do a wardrobe clean out soon. Maybe after the wedding.

  3. I love everything you've made, and everything looks just adorable on you! The apron dress looks real cute the way you've styled it in this picture.
    I guess we're all at the point where we're OVER the cold. I'm out of tights now (only just) here in Perth. Hoping like mad for no chilly relapses now...

  4. love the apron dress, and your hair on that day looks fab too. yep sik of wearing tights over this way too ...

  5. Quick confession... SOMETIMES I scroll through the photos before reading the words and my first thought when i saw you in the red apron dress was, "Wow! That looks amazing!" I hope you can increase the "sold" percentage on this one - it is so cute! And the photos look like they've come straight out of a 1970s photo album, I love them! Oh Veronica, the poor exclamation mark always gets an over-working when I write you comments!

    Hope you're having a glorious, sunny, tights free weekend xx

  6. The apron dress is super cute - definitely something to be worn more often!


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