Monday, 19 September 2011

SSS Day 17 & 18: Weekend Wearz

Self Stitched September continues here at Veronica Darling HQ! Do you mind all these extra photos and blog posts? Am I annoying you yet? It really prompts you to post when you have a challenge like a Handmade Month (if you're just checking in for the first time, hiya! I'm wearing all my handmade garments for all of September! And others are doing it too! YAY!) and of course wear all your things!

Saturday I really wanted to wear no tights, because I'm totes over wintertime and I attempted this dress with shorty shorts and the (thrifted) long sleeve tshirt, but it was just too cold. It was so windy in Melbourne! I added the grey tights to try and trick myself a bit! We went on a big bike ride!

On Sunday we collected our thoughts on things (as you do on a Sunday) and decided we'd buy a Sodastream (!) and do some grocery shopping. I wanted to be a little Stepford Wife, so went with these really old capri's, my darling Melissa heels and this handmade white blouse. I actually had to show you this photo because of Doggie Darling's smiley face! HOWL! What a cutie! The weather was FINALLY ok to wear bare legs!



  1. Love the red shoes! and your darling doggie. It is so odd to think that you are opposite us on seasons. I hope your summer is not as hot as ours was here in the states.

  2. LOL you doggie's smile is gorgeous!
    What could possibly be boring about seeing all your lovely handmade things, well nothing at all. I love seeing your outfits. btw it's gone cold again here in Perth, and am back in leg-covering stuff :(

  3. Thank you for all your regular Self Stitched September posts - all the pretty and the happy has been getting me through some really difficult weeks at work.

    I love that the result of Sunday musings was the purchase of a Sodastream! You look great and yay for legs weather! I can't even tell you how much I'm loving that photo of Doggie Darling - a bad day is impossible when there's a smiling staffy!


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