Tuesday, 20 September 2011

SSS Day 19: More riding gear

Yesterday was pretty much the best day ever. Or should that be BEST DAY EVER? We woke up early, went walking with the dog, rode to work and it turned into the prettiest spring day! We stopped at Polly Woodside (the old boat in the background) for a quick photo for you!

All your Self Stitched September info: My handmade dress is from earlier this year, so a total Sew Weekly number that gets a few wears here and there. It's perfect for bike riding, because it's so floppy. Riding back home after work, we just escaped the storm, but it was SO windy! I'm not super active and sporty, but riding around is so fun and easy exercise. I was beaming yesterday riding around town!

This week my plan is to work solid in the office, ride a couple more times and cook at home instead of going to after work affairs (which is common in my line of work) as I'm working at the music festival on Saturday for the radio as well. A busy week ahead, but really for me, when is it not a busy week? There's a couple weeks left after that, and then holidays! October is pretty much going to fly by because of my trip to Cambodia (that I'll have to lock in with the travel peeps today) and then we're having a big shake up at the end of October... I'll fill you in soon once it all comes around, as don't wanna anticipate it all too soon!

Thanks for supporting all these handmade adventures and postings this month! There's been a few articles recently that have made me super happy to be blogging and sewing with sustainability in mind. There's this woman in Melbourne who has chosen not to buy any new plastics and there were a few sewing articles on the ABC news site (that's hard to find now) about how lots of people are sewing for themselves, or SIY sew-it-yourself, instead of DIY! Do you feel that more people are crafting these days? I know more people who are into it, talk about it, but haven't really bit the bullet and made things yet!



  1. You look lovely here on your BEST DAY EVAAA!!
    It's great that sewing is growing in popularity. I wish sewing was as popular as cooking is, and I would sob with happiness if there were sewing shows on telly like there are soooo many cooking and talent quest shows. Wouldn't that be heaven?
    I am the only one I know personally who has my level of enthusiasm for sewing, so it is completely and utterly fab to me to be in contact with so many like-minded people in blogland.

  2. Lots of people do seem to be sewing more and when I tell people I sew they always like to tell me about things they have made in the past, it is a great talking point!


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