Wednesday, 21 September 2011

SSS Day 20: Yesterday

I'm a rushing this week, so here's my bits and pieces for my handmade day yesterday! It's the dress I made earlier in the year, as part of the Unfinished Objects theme of Sew Weekly and again I'm wearing my handmade cowl... the purple one! I love it!

It was a bit of a weird outfit, because once I left the house I realised my umbrella (and I needed it) was leopard print, I had massive fruit prints in my skirt and my bag was red (I'd changed over when bike riding, because my blue one didn't fit in my panier bags. If that's indeed how you spell panier bags?) ... purple, pinks, greens, fruit and leopard print AND a red handbag?

Not my cuppa tea, but somehow that's what I wore yesterday. Oh well!

Thanks for all your lovely comments this week! I'm in the middle of deciding if I should wear pants/leggings (lants) to the Parklife Festival. You know those leggings that are so tight and you're like, "Why are you not wearing a skirt with those tights?". If you don't know Parklife, it's an EXTREMELY young festival with heaps of flesh showing... I'm SO not going to be fleshy this time of year, plus I'm working. I've started a pair of electric blue lants, so will see how they turn out. I'll just wear them walking and to the gym normally, but for a music festival, it might be fun to wear lants ironically, right? If I like the electric blue ones I might make a crazy floral print dress as well. Or even lants with floral print. Double floral? Oh the kids today!


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  1. OK....with the risk of sounding really stupid....what are 'lants'?!! Even Mr Google couldn't tell me!


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