Thursday, 22 September 2011

SSS Day 21: Grown Ups

I'm doing grown up things at the moment, so yesterday I tried to wear my bolero to pretend "I mean business" in the same way a powersuit spoke to the 1980s world. It may or may not have worked, but I did a talk and held a meeting (via VIDEO conferencing) and made some holiday plans (just paid for my Cambodia trip this morning) in this ensemble just fine.

Just quickly checking my archives, and I did make this bolero this year (feels like forever ago) in February! It was for the Valentine's Day theme of RED at the Sew Weekly! Looking that far back at Mena's archives and my archives, I actually can't believe I've sewn so consistently this year. Whilst not all projects were wearable (as you can see this month, I'm not really wearing that many garments from this year), I'm still amazed at the steady sewing and being involved in the Sew Weekly team has made me so confident! Confident online, confident with my sewing skillz, confident with my design dreaming and totally confident with the photography part of it all too.

Overall, how great is sewing? We are a lucky bunch! What I really really really love too: when you sew for yourself, you are making the clothes fit you... not worrying that your body doesn't fit the clothes. Over the last 3-4 years now that I've been sewing madly, and kinda consistently, I'm less worried about my body shape or body image. Occasionally I see my tummy get bigger or stick out, or my calves looking a bit large, but wearing my handmade clothing makes me so proud of this old body as a clothes horse! The one thing I totally cannot change about myself is my height, and being able to make clothes to fit properly makes me feel taller than Heidi Klum, rather than awkward short girl.

I have more grown up things to do today, so I better rush off! Talk to you soon!



  1. I've just started sewing my own clothes (made my very first dress recently and I am so pleased with it) and I find this post so inspiring!

  2. Sewing is great and yep we certainly are a lucky bunch. I love hearing that you're less worried about body image and shape something I'm slowly working on and with all the photos we need to take to get the magic of the sewn garment across has made the process a lot easier I think. There is nothing worse than reading a self deprecating blog post. You are just fabulous. xxoo

  3. Oh and congrats on the Cambodia tickets... My Uncle works in Cambodia, he's set up a refuge for young sexually abused girls, I'm extremely proud of him. Have fun xxoo


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