Saturday, 3 September 2011

SSS Day 3: Cowling around

I *may* go out later, but today for Self-Stitched-September, I've just worn this handmade purple cowl.
It's a metre by 30cms of stretch knit purple stuff that was left over after I made this dress for the Sew Weekly theme of making outfits inspired by women in our family. I overlocked the two shorter ends together, and voila! A scarf in the shape of a loopy cowl. They're my favourite scarves this year, since my crochet projects are super slow (two blankets of the larger scale) and I'm reluctant to knit or start a crochet project. I have one in black too.

The reason why it's just the handmade cowl today? It's my 'walking the dog' outfit, I put it on earlier today, and just stayed in it because it's the weekend, and I'm doing rough weekend tasks. I'm also hugging my freshly DYED fabric for this week's Sew Weekly challenge, I'm not 100 % on the overall thing just yet, we'll have to see if it passes the bike riding test! How GORGEOUS is the weather this weekend? Perfect for bike riding!

Hope you're having a lovely one xoxo

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