Monday, 5 September 2011

SSS Day 5: A secret for Sew Weekly


I'm back working early starts for two weeks, so it's the afternoon of a brilliant spring day here in Melbourne, and I thought I'd snap my outfit today really quick here on my new computer! Girls and boys, I thoroughly recommend doing your tax every year, because hopefully if you have a good accountant, you'll get money back each year for work related expenses which also means a new computer (in my books, anyways). BUT, I must haste because it's beautiful and sunny outside, and I better get out there with Doggie Darling.

Today I wore the dress I finished yesterday for the Sew Weekly theme, which involves dying or making a fabric or what not. I've never dyed anything before, so used this 'sepia' tone to hide the colour til you see it on Sew Weekly this week. It's a SURPRISE til then xoxo

It's THE perfect dress for a sunny day! Do you find you wear the clothes you make on the weekend straight away on the Monday? My colleagues always ask 'New Dress?' and I'm like 'Yep'. I am SUCH a broken record!

Oh! I also tried this AWESOME new hair technique: I was over at Vanessa's blog (who you should all totally crush on, like I do) who talked and showed off her 'Easy Curls' and by gosh! They're easy! She followed this video, and the girl in this video is just so cute!



  1. ooohhh! Can't wait to see more of this dress! YAY!

  2. Your hair looks gorogeus!! I checked out the vid, and it is a fab tutorial..

    Looking forward to seeing your new dress...


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