Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SSS Days 11, 12, 13: Oops!

My first stuff up as I didn't get a photo of yesterday's outfit for Self Stitched September! Oops!

On Sunday, I cleaned the house, but my parents came to visit and we had gushy catch ups and before I headed out for a little Great Gatsby Soiree in the city with Kazz, I caught a photo of my oufit with 3 pieces of handmadeness:

I look funny! OH WELL INTERNETZ! I'm wearing the cropped jacket I made during the Ascot Week, my skirt I made after stuffing up a lot during the Yee Ha Country theme, and there's a scarf or cowl or scoopy loopy scarfy thing I made for the music festival earlier this year. You can loop it up twice for extra warmth.

And then on Monday, I was back at work, working early, forgetting to take a photo but looking a bit like this:

My spotty dress I've made ages back. But with a cardigan, tights and scarf and my handmade red duffle coat as it's still COLD. The day got away from me with my parents here, my friend needed a little TLC and all the gushy family lifestyle, one forgets to take a photo. As even as much as I push for it, the world doesn't revolve about me and what I wear! Anyways! Handmade and Self Stitched Successes!

And now for today. I wore the cotton floral number I made during week we did embellishments, and I chose to try piping:

BUT I had an accident today:

WHAT. I could feel this starting to happen the last time I wore it (about a month ago) but I wasn't doing much stretching or lifting, and today I lifted and ran around a bit and my under arm seam just tore! I had to wear my cardi all day, no biggie, but I really don't think I can salvage this one, it's torn right along the bust dart there! I think in my resizing of the pattern pieces I did make the arm holes a little too small, which makes it slightly weird in shape.

*** For some reason this didn't post last night *** Oh well! You get the added bonus of me linking to my dress, which has just gone up on Sew Weekly overnight, it's the Great Gatsby theme!

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  1. Great outfit, too bad about the accident but it should be mend-able, no? Patterns seem to be good at hiding imperfections!
    And I love your scarf! I've got a similar jersey, but black and white, if I dyed it blue or green and made a circle-scarf, hm...


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