Thursday, 29 September 2011

SSS Days 22 & 23: Lost days

The trick with Self Stitched September is finding time to photograph my outfit when things get busy! With only two days left of September (where I'm not as busy - ha ha maybe I am) I thought I'd give you the round up of what I wore that was handmade; made by yours truly from the last week.

Thursday 22nd September:

More grown up things to do, so I dressed like a pirate (what else) and the self stitched part is my stretch knit skirt.

Friday 23rd:

Self stitched red dress and circle/loopy/cowl scarf I made to wear to Laneway earlier this year. It was a warm day and a total tease because then the weekend went sour.

And which leads me to the lost days of Self Stitched September:

Saturday 24th:

I wore a great LBD that you so can't see in this photo of me as a robot girl but I've worn it to DEATH! It's shrunk a few times in the wash, I've re-sewn the side seams a little and each time I wear it I think it's got to be the last. I'm wearing it here with my leopard print tights, as I worked at the Parklife Music Festival on Saturday, and my friends (The Yacht Club DJs) wanted me to wear this and dance on stage. Unfortunately I had to work :(.

Sunday 25th:

I wore this in the morning (my Sew Weekly outfit that I'll post more photos for you here) and a version of this in the afternoon:

It's my dyed bedsheet dress, and I think I had to wear leggings or tights as well because it started to get colder. And it was on Sunday that my iphone started going bad... the touchscreen isn't working as well, so my out and about busy liftstyle meant that I couldn't get good photos of me these next days.

Monday 26th:

I wore this red hearted IKEA fabric skirt, but paired with a black cardi, black top and the blue jacket with my Melissa flats. This skirt is so great and versatile, I've worn it twice this month now.

Tuesday 27th:

A version of this dress, but with a black cardi and my cowboy boots instead (also the second time this month I've worn this plaid number)... and yesterday:

Wednesday 28th:

The wrong shoes on a drippy wet day, but I wore my darling spring dress:

And yep, it so wasn't spring. Well, it was Melbourne spring as in four seasons in one day! YAY! (but a sarcastic yay)

So it's been a strange busy week, and with my phone behaving badly, a tough technology week too! I hope your last few days of SSS have been a little more successful than my past week! xoxo


  1. I LOVE your self timer photos. O and your outfits inspire me. Is it spring? Or has it gone back to winter?

  2. Dyed bedsheets = fabulous. I'm running a giveaway for the Horrockses Fashion book at the moment. If you don't have it, I have a feeling you would love it.


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