Saturday, 1 October 2011

From my desk: Toy Camera

Here's a couple of extra shots from the Spring Palette themed week at Sew Weekly, that didn't make it in my post. The above photos are using the toy camera lens for our Canon, they do have a vintage wash on them from my Lightroom, 'yesteryear' is the preset... but other than that the lens is what makes it 'softer' and vintagey in the wash. I love how the outer of the photo is darker and blurred. NICE! I have no idea what settings Husbie used on the camera, but they're just so lovely!

The photo below is without the toy lens, and just the normal Canon lens and you can see how the colours and darks are more contrasty... do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? YAY!

This week my phone officially died, so I'm off to the shops now to hopefully get a new one. Smartphone why are you not smart enough for my heavy duty usage!? I do have my sporty outfit to post for you, but since I ran outta time to blog properly, I thought I'd leave you with photos that are sitting on my desk(top) and waiting for something to happen to them.



  1. Those pictures are indeed very lovely; your hair is completely beautiful... and it is fascinating to read all the photography info! I need photography lessons!

  2. Gorgeous. I wish I had a husbie that was good with the camera. I just have to do with my 3 little apprentice fashion photographers.


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