Sunday, 2 October 2011

Last outfits for Self Stitched September

Self Stitched September wrapped up (of course) and the end of September on Friday, and the above outfit is what I wore to work. Handmade vest (lined in the same tartan fabric) and handmade bowtie. Whenever I see this bowtie, I'm like "I should make you a tutorial video" but realistically there's never enough time to do this, so I'll try and find you a tutorial online that would be kinda the same. But I made the vest and tie for the Sew Weekly theme ... what was it? It was the 'Kidding Around' theme, and I called it my 'Oh Shirley Suit' after Shirley Temple and here's my blogpost as well! April was a total blur for me, thank goodness for the internet documenting everything! One day I'll have time to take stock and read it all and enjoy!

Last Thursday I had to get all cosy again with my tshirt dress with built in neckwarmer! I wore this on the second or first day of SSS as well, and I'm really interested in how many outfits I wore twice, and I'm tallying them all up now in Kaboodle (just signed up for it, not sure how it differs from polyvore yet, but I think it's kinda like pinterest - SO MANY ONLINE THINGS) and I'll have a big board of the whole month and I'll post about it here soon. (How much of this blog is just for my own amusement, I tell ya!)

Anyways! Another late night sleepy photoshoot, a la "OOPS! Better take a photo before I take this off!":

Please don't tell Husbie I took this one... he was mid sorting what needs to get to the op shop!

Okie dokes, I've got a couple sewing things to get done today; 2 Sew Weekly outfits and a work bunting decoration and it's already 2.03pm on Sunday... placing bets, will the rest of the day go according to this plan:

1. Sew for an hour
2. Have a cuppa tea (3rd for the day)
3. Sew for half an hour
4. Have lunch with Husbie & his friend - bruschetta!
5. Sew for half an hour but actually just fiddle around with the ipad to get This American Life working
6. Go to the shops for cider

Maybe setting goals low, like above, will mean I'll be PLEASANTLY surprised when I finish all three projects. LOL



  1. Loving your bow tie and vest ensemble. I love the last task on your schedule. Mmmmmm cider:)

  2. Oh that's a fun looking timetable - how Sunday's should be spent. Mine was almost similar - faffing about really. Finished a shirt and cut out a skirt....had coffee...internetted....moved stuff...cleaned...etc. We're spring cleaning which will mean I get a bigger sewing room. Yay!

  3. Congrats on finishing up another SSS. '11 was my first, and as I've only been sewing in any serious way for less than a year (and can't fathom finishing a garment a week!), it was quite a stretch for me. Just about everything came out twice! I love your bow necktie... I have a bow blouse on my to-make list, but that list is so long that I have no idea when I'll get to it. I do hope my bow is as big and bright as yours though! Happy Sewing!


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