Saturday, 8 October 2011

Self Stitched September 2011: TICK!

My handmade month; it's Self Stitched September according to Veronica Darling!

I've never used Kaboodle before, so I know this is not uber 'designer' like in my layout, so please just LOL at me! This is my 'image board' for the outfits I wore twice during September:

SSS 2011
SSS Part 2
And the above 'image board' is the rest of the outfits, all handmade but outfits I just wore once during the month. This is my second Self Stitched September, and compared to last year I found it really easy to select and make up outfits. Last year I had the feeling by about 20 outfits in that I didn't have enough 'lounging about' clothes, or I only had 1 really fun dress to wear out... and I'm not sure about you, but some times of the month, I just don't want to wear tight fitting clothes, or high heels or high necked restricted clothes. And then other days I only wanna wear black and couldn't be seen dead wearing floral. My tastes change a lot of a month, but I feel my handmade wardrobe has enough diversity to cater for my moods.

I have a 2 week period with most of my clothes, it's some sort of automatic brain schedule thing that I have where if I wear my red heart skirt on a Tuesday, I automatically cancel it out of choosing it again until a fortnight later, so I would allow myself to wear it on the Wednesday, 2 weeks after I wore it. Is that weird? I don't even know why I've invented this rule or schedule in my head, but I just fall into it, and I guess it makes me wear the rest of my wardrobe on a rotation.


 So overall, I felt super comfy and not restricted by SSS this year, and I probably have 2-3 second hand dresses and a couple of refashioned dresses that I missed wearing through the month. What I did notice though, and maybe I'll look at that at the end of the year of Sew Weekly, is that I didn't really wear as many SW garments as I'd thought I would... I'm worried that while Sewing Weekly is amazing and so fruitful in my mad sewing skillz world, I often speed through some things, and don't take as much time selecting my fabrics or testing out different techniques... and I find myself with some garments I won't wear again. But, there are some great themes coming up for Sew Weekly before the year is out, and I'm AMAZED at how I have been challenged with some elements of sewing and crafting by the Sew Weekly themes! My friend saw me the other day and was floored that I'd made pants! TROUSERS! YAY!

Thumbs up to Zoe who's spun us another Self Stitched September! You're amazing to blog and sew along with! YAY for the internetz! xoxo


  1. You have so many dresses and they all look so fab. Well done!

    I need to start making more dresses myself. I really do love a dress and I have got a few lined up for Summer sewing.

  2. I LOVE that you have a two week schedule - that's amazing! Looking at your boards I can pick maybe 11-13 Sew Weekly outfits (or components of outfits) and given your 2 week rule, over 30 days that's not bad! There are so many outfits on that board I absolutely love and (not so secretly) covet. You've done a freaking incredible job this year - not only an outfit a week but SO many new and tricky skills (not to mention continuing to work and live life). SSS 2011 gets one big gigantic successful tick - well done you xx

  3. Congrats on completing your SSS challenge. I love that you dress to your moods it makes sense really and I operate on the 'two week period rule' too it's not weird at all it's all about organisation hehe

  4. Ah bless you!!! You are a TOTAL inspiration to me, and feel honoured that you choose to play along with the self-stitched challenges. It's interesting that you learnt that some of your SW garments didn't creep into your wardrobe rotation this month. It's good that the challenge was able to bring something to light for you, seeing as you are such an experienced sewer already. You have such a fantastic variety of self-stitched garments, I would LOVE to take a peek into your wardrobe! Geeting dressed each morning must be so much fun for you! xxxx


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