Monday, 3 October 2011

Sew Weekly: Sports & Pink

Hey and good morning Monday early birds (if you're in Melbourne right now) or good evening night owls! The most recent Sew Weekly theme was pink, and I'm not too crash hot on pink as a colour. I don't HATE it, but I don't like a lot of it... on me. So here's what I came up with:

It's a sprinkle of pink! The 1970s polyester tshirt is a total remnant that I only had just enough fabric for (story of my life) and the leggings are from a pattern (that you can read about on the Sew Weekly post) and made from thrifted stretch knit (one day I'll learn what all these stretch knit things are, and what the difference is between them all!). I also don't like a lot of sport, so here's just a smidge of me "playing" tennis, but now that I have an oufit to wear, I'll surely go down to the courts all the time right. Right? RIGHT? One day.

Here's my most favourite photo from the courts:

Totally 70s and totally awesome. Do you see I have matching sweatbands. SWEATBANDS!

See ya and have a great start to the week gorgeous!



  1. Saucy! Love the ensemble!

  2. Great photos. Bit more 80s than 70s I think.

  3. Love the new outfit! Such a flashback to the lolly colours of the 80's, my gosh... if you'd had your up-pony asymmetrically on the side of your head instead of centred you would have fitted perfectly into the cast of Valley Girl. The second picture with the tennis racquet slung over your shoulder is just lovely.

  4. this outfit and the photos are great ! im not such a pink lover so its great to find creative ways to wear it...

  5. That list pic kind of resembles me when I play ball sports.
    Anyway, lucky lady, you won my book giveaway! Drop me an email with your address:


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