Thursday, 13 October 2011

Time to take a break!

Bye bye Melbourne! Time for a holiday to Cambodia!

My friend invited me along, and I'm so looking forward to seeing her! It's been ages. We travelled a lot together when we were younger, and I've forgotten a lot about being on the road. (LOL) Because I'm a 'glamper' (ie. glamourous camper) I've chucked my big old backpack from when my friend and I travelled Europe, and was actually considering wearing heels on the plane. My gigantic Melissa heels. Husbie politely pointed out one does a lot of walking at airports and carrying things. Perhaps I'll wear my Melissa flats instead!

Not sure if I'll have time or internerd access to post, but if you're into reading wonderful blogs regularly and will miss me terribly (LOL AGAIN), here are blogs that I like to look at:

Inner West Mum - my friend IRL in gorgeous Newtown!

By Gum, By Golly - just started reading this vintage gal's story, so cute! Thanks Franca for the linky dink!

Kat's been posting heaps at Petticoats & Peplums and is getting married soon and is pretty much DIY-ing the whole amazing affair!

Gail's doing Frocktober, and always makes great stuff to wear to work. Glamourous in the office!

And Blue Milk is just being awesome as per usual. With moving house stories as added bonus.

See you soon darling darlings, and I'll have some moving house stories to share once I return! YAY!



  1. Aww thanks for the shout out! Have fun on your holiday. I am sure it will be amazing!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I came to wish you a wonderful trip and see you linked me! Thanks so much, and of course, do have a wonderful trip! :)

  3. Happy holiday! PS. Melissa are the most confy shoes ever!

  4. Enjoy your holiday!! Wish it was me. Definitely go with the flats.

  5. Why thank you Darling! Enjoy your holiday. Cambodia silver jewelry is TDF.


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