Saturday, 5 November 2011

Back to normal soon

Some bouquets and flowers from my life for you. Thank you for reading, and listening, and caring so much. I'm overwhelmed (Husbie too) by your kindness and such lovely thoughts and it's a weird thing writing a blog, and putting yourself 'out there' but there's so much more to writing than just that. The ups and downs of life ... real life ... and for me this week, writing my post (however simple it was, but I realise now it was great to write it down) has made me feel a bit better, and talking to people now instead of 'telling them what happened' is heaps better too.

Thank you, xoxo

(P.S. I've made an orange skirt recently for Sew Weekly, and some other things there, and will post them here soon. Just gotta move house first.)


  1. I have been thinking about you constantly since I heard your news. I wish I lived close enough to give you a hug or a big care package. I was showing photos of Doggie Darling to a friend who asked, "Wow, did they have a professional photographer for their dog? Those photos are amazing!" And I thought, yes, you actually did! I think it's beautiful that Doggie Darling is immortalised in so many ways - your memories, your photos, your blog and my (crazy) brain has vague memories of an appearance on a breakfast radio podcast (I'm still clinging to the past!). You, your husband and your darling dog are loved, thought of and not forgotten xx

  2. Good luck with your move (and another virtual hug from me)

  3. Fellow Doggy Mum,

    It's going to hurt like crazy - I feel for you so much - I remember seeing little DD when she was small.
    Nothing to say but that we send our love to you and DD, and that she will be with you in spirit...

    love Dxx

  4. Thank you for sharing...
    I had recently read on my blog comments 'shared Penalties are more comfortable to wear'(Rosy) I thought its so true... dont you think?

  5. I am still shocked by your news. I think of doggie darling everytime I see my Roxy. I hope things are getting better for you. Good luck with the move! Sending loads of positive vibes and love your way.


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