Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lost in the move and enjoying the Simple Life

Hey-o! We've been moving house, and here and there I've been saving things to tell you about the big old move and all the ups and downs of my life as a fulltime radio producer, parttime seamstress (c/o Sew Weekly commitments), former mother of a darling dog, fulltime wifey, parttime gush machine and my new role . . .  producer of Husbie's new job. (But, more details of THAT exciting chapter in our life next time!)

When I get time to write to you, I have toooooo much to write about! And what I really wanted to show you today was my Sew Weekly Pin Up photos, as they show so much of my (badly tanned) pins AND our new backyard. But! they're lost in the move. They're not on my computer, my USB stick, or my phone. They *could* be on Husbie's computer (that has sadly needed the Mac Doctor twice in one week) or my work computer. So instead, I'll piece together some things... simple things... I've been enjoying lately... as I start a new life with my Darling Husbie, and in our new house together. (And by simple things, they are just that. Small joys, so don't worry, it's not another sad post :)!)

Our garden has spots for all plants, including a handmedown succulent 'Merle' (at least that's what I've been calling her!) who's now moved into her fourth home in 2 years. Isn't she brave?

Our garden has LEMONS. Or more accurately, a lemon tree! And of course we celebrated this fact with cocktails.

My friend brought his puppies to visit! They are fox terriers, and too tiny! They also get very tired! How sweet they are, and we loved hugging them!

I'm now caring for tomatoes and basil! Oh, I totally forgot that I'm also a parttime gardener gal now! Cannot WAIT for my edible garden to grow!

Little old Diana found her home in the new Sewing Room! I wish it looked this empty and spotless right now! (I have 3 projects thrown all over the place and it's a lot more cramped. Once Sew Weekly finishes I'll work out what bits go where. But I'm very excited about the large storage space. YAY! I'll get a gorgeous carpet photo for you, vintage floral lovers will have a heart attack, as it's very original and 1960s!

The boys and their amazing skillz. Thank you Paul (holding the light for Husbie), you are a dream friend. And we will also welcome your puppies around anytime.


  1. Loved this post and I can't wait to hear more about the producing job!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Lovely news and the new sewing room.. more on that please

  3. Our neighbors had a lemon tree that was growing over into our yard. I'd pick the ones that were on our side of the fence. Then one day I came home and they trimmed it back :( What I'm trying to say is that I am quite jealous of your lemon tree!

  4. I love this post, too! I am so delighted that you are moved and have a gorgeous lemon tree in your backyard! Wow! Those little puppies are too adorable!

    So looking forward to hearing about what's up with you and Husbie's new job :) *squee*

    Thank you for reminding me that it's the simple things that really matter. x

  5. Yay for puppy cuddles, citrus, edible gardens and resilient succulents! I think it's the small joys in the everyday things that can make our lives truly amazing.

    Congratulations on your new job!! Producer for husbie's new job... together you'll be an unstoppable force of creativity, organisation, love, productivity and gush! Can't wait to hear more!

    Hope everything's going well in your new home, thinking of you xx

  6. I am glad you are getting dog love - it fills the heart so well.

    The dog next door comes over for regular licks and to share his fur on the floor. Essential , as teh house was just TOO clean.


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