Friday, 11 November 2011

Moving Day

It's time for us to leave the old house and start our new life in our brand new house, wise and hopeful after a few weeks of heartbreak after Doggie Darling passed away. Thank you again, for all your lovely thoughts and well wishes. We do think that she really did live life at the fullest and funnest, for Staffies are  so gungho and such pocket rockets, and this little wee one was just full of beans and made everyone fall in love with her. I'm so glad you all got to know her through this blog as well.

She will be missed and loved.

So, today has been amazing and we've fallen in love with the new house. The above photo is from our old house, a little nook that I really loved, and wanted to photograph before it was all packed away. And the new house... it's just perfect. I'll give you a big old update soon, because we had a quick 2 weeks of DIY renovations (walls/ceilings/floors in 3 rooms and the hallway) and after today, we'll have 90 per cent of the house moved in. Well here's hoping.

Unpacking could take months though! I'm SO pleased the Sew Room was a priority (thanks to Sew Weekly! And my Pin Up post will be up later today), so it's halfway unpacked and that's where I'm typey typing to you now! Husbie and I love our computers and internerds and music so much, we made sure the wifi was the first thing installed!

Happy Friday loves! xoxo


  1. What a good way to get stuck into spring, with change. Good luck with everything.
    P.S. I love the blue and gold combo in your nook.

  2. Oh Veronica, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure Doggie Darling will live in your hearts forever, puppies have a way of doing that!

    Looking forward to your new home and new adventures! Good luck with the move.

  3. It is so hard to lose an animal. It's like losing a member of your family. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Have fun in your new place. If I lived nearby I'd bring you flowers as a housewarming gift! :)

  4. I found Doggie Darling irresistible via the internet so can only imagine the super adorable powers she had when face-to-face. I really think she was the luckiest puppy in the litter to go home with you. Take care of yourselves, I'm very much thinking of you.

    Hope you have fun settling into your new house, creating new beautiful spaces and memories together. I think a house of wisdom, hope and love is a very special thing.

    PS. When I first read you were "moving west" I thought you were moving to Western Australia and thought that's a big move so soon after the last one! Sometimes I'm just a little too literal for my own good!

  5. Sorry to hear about your doggie. Enjoy the new house.


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