Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sew Weekly: I got to meet Adey for Halloween!

Yay! We've moved in to the new house! AND THE SEWING ROOM! I'm very excited! More news soon!

So, before everything happened with Doggie Darling, and Moving House/Buying House, I went on a holiday to Cambodia. BUT, I had planned to stop over in Singapore, because my friend has just moved there for work and I'd never really been there. I planned 1 extra day in Singapore... because...

Now, if you know the Sewing World online and are an avid Sew Weekly follower, you'll know that's where ADEY AKA The Sew Convert lives!

And we totes hung out in Singapore! Adey is absolutely gorgeous (of course!) and we planned to celebrate the Sew Weekly's Halloween theme together so here's what we came up with. It's totally Adey's inspiration, and I explained it all a bit here why we are dolled up in tablecloth fabrics! It was Adey's first meet up with a Sewing Friend from Online, and now that I've met Nikkishell & Kazz and some of you lovely followers, I'm getting HEAPS less shy! I'm excited and thinking about it now, I'd actually love to go back to Singapore right now!

Oh boy it's hot in Singapore though! I'm not sure how many degrees, but it was kinda hard to stand out in any direct sunlight for the photos, so we ran around Vivo City (a large shopping/entertainment hub for Singaporians) and then had a DARLING lunch, that I'll show you photos of soon too!

Thank you darling Adey for taking such fun photos and suggesting the inspiration for our dresses! I'll write again with more about what we did after the photo shoot! xoxo

So fun! xoxo


  1. ooohhh! I just love all these photos! What a fabulous meet-up--wish I could have joined you!!!

  2. You two look positively edible! So adorable!

  3. What gorgeous dresses! And how wonderful that you managed to meet up and spend a day together. :)


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