Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sew Weekly: Orange You Glad to Meet Me?


Here's my Sew Weekly Orange Themed creations from a few weeks back. The skirt is a 70s-esque Vogue Very Easy pattern, and the top is a child's long sleeve tshirt from the op shop that I lopped off the tight ribbed neckline and sleeve edges.

The pockets are just way too darling, and so useful!

We took the photographs down at this old shell of a building near the West Footscray Train Station that is well and truly taken over by street artists. This falling female image is actually the fourth I've seen around the West and in the city... I think you've seen it a few times too Nichola? I seem to recall your instagram photos! (Are you on instagram? I'm @veronicadarling - of course - if you wanna follow me!)

The fabric for the skirt is a curtain and reminds me of caravanning holidays. In fact this outfit is very holiday-esque, hey? Complete with the tan line:

Yay for my Cambodian bike shorts!

This week we've been unpacking boxes, working out our budgets to prepare for the mortgage and planning out the next few months. We can be pretty thrifty at times but also super indulgent and I honestly wish sometimes I had all the money in the world just to eat out every night at all the amazing restaurants in Melbourne. Either that or the chefs should stop opening more exciting eateries and bars! TOO DELISH and eating out is so not the thriftiest option.

Hope you're having a good week!


  1. This skirt is so much fun! I agree, kind hard to have a more meanfully way of life if there are so many places to go!

  2. I love this outfit! Orange is definitely fabulous for you and that skirt is amazing! The print is awesome! :)

  3. What a wonderful, bright outfit! Lovely!


  4. Gorgeous outfit! So bright and cheerful. Orange always reminds me of my sister.

  5. So cute and I love the colours (of course!)! You're really dinky!

  6. I really like it, it does remind me of caravan curtains but in a good way!

  7. Oranges and lemons looks fantastic - love the look, love the shoes.

  8. You look fabulously vintage in this outfit!
    I have seen the angels around our hood in numerous spots. :)


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