Monday, 7 November 2011

Sew Weekly: PJz

Before I went to Cambodia, I made some pyjamas! I was travelling with gorgeous girlfriends, and usually I wear vintage (and elegant!) nighties which would be way to sexxxy and hot (in actual temperature) for Asian countries. So it was quite serendipitous that the Sew Weekly theme was sleepwear or lounging garments! And what's so interesting, I reckon, is the discussion about sewing outer clothes... just so people can 'see' what you sew. Is it better making things that you can show off to people, or do you try everything and it doesn't matter if people see it or not.

For me, I've tried undergarments before, with mixed results. I still wear a pair of undies I made 2 years ago. They are falling apart, however. I think these are the first pjz I've sewn.... but I could be forgetful.

This shortie nightie and bloomers are covered in more detail on my Sew Weekly post, and I did get a lot of wear outta them in Cambodz.



  1. These are so cute! I wanted to make cute pj's to take on our honeymoon but I won't have time anymore I don't think.

  2. Ultra cute! I love that pear print fabric!

  3. A.Dorable. Seriously love these - green is so fabulous on you!!

  4. So cute - I love the matching headband! And I love that you made the bloomers! Why is it that the cutest vintage nighties always seem to be some form of synthetic fabric that isn't hot weather compatible? It seems you can only be one type of hot at a time - temperature or sexy - not both. I hope you had a fantastic time in Cambodia - I was listening to the news while you were away and thought, "I hope someone has told Veronica that Gaddafs is totes dead!" xx


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