Thursday, 1 December 2011

Away & Visiting Sarah's Blog

I'm away in Sydney for work, and (somehow) I found the time to write up a little thrifty post for Sarah's blog Rhinestones & Telephones! She's also got a bunch of great guest bloggers this month, so get reading! As this week is about refashioning things from around the home, I've shown a bunch of things I've made this year and upcycled or refashioned from household things. Curtains, Bedsheets & Tablecloths are all the rage in my op shopping basket!

Hope you're having a lovely week! It's been so lovely working with all my gorgeous pals in the Sydney office, and a great/successful week of radio (yet again!). I'm back on Saturday, with lots of fun things planned with my family and friends! We're having our first BBQ at our new place for Husbie's Birthday! Should be fantastic!

My Sew Weekly post is also up (made from a bedsheet) so pop along if you wanna check out what I'm wearing to my work Christmas Party tomorrow night! I'm going to be DANCING up a storm in that skirt!



  1. Have a wonderful week in Sydney! Happy early birthday do Husbie. :)

    Thanks so much for writing such a terrific post on my blog, doll! I so, so appreciate it!

  2. Have a fantastic time in Sydney - awards nights I'm assuming? Hope you have an amazing, fun, relaxing time full of laughter, friends and maybe some alcohol :) xx


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