Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cambodian Stories: The Bike Ride

Why HAI! Time for a little show and tell, via my Cambodian Bike Riding Adventure from October this year. It feels like an AGE ago, in light of all our ups and downs from the last few months, and when 'change' happens, it really does happen to us.

My lovely friend invited me to Cambodia for a mini break, and there were 4 in our group, with 3 extra riders the first two days. We rode 4 days, over 350 kilometres. I kid you NOT. I of little legs, and barely much bike riding distance, can ride 350kms! We toured with Grasshopper Adventures, and they were LOVELY tour guides! Mostly we rode 15-20km in the morning usually with water/snack breaks in between, here's some delish Dragon Fruit:

By 12noon it started to get really hot, and sticky and in some places the terrain was super flat, but without shade. They were the terror parts! Looking up and not seeing any shade for 5 kms! The afternoon we rode 10 km legs instead! It was on the first day, around our morning tea time, that Husbie called to say Doggie Darling was unwell... and with tears, we went on the day, and by the time we'd reached Takeo (a very small poor town south of Phnom Penh) he'd called again, letting me know she's passed away. It was so surreal being so far away from Husbie. There were so many crazy things in Cambodia, so many animals, so many small gorgeous children on the bike ride that day... it seemed strange to be sad over my dog... we have got such a lucky life in Australia.

The rest of the bike ride was challenging, but having the physical challenge kept my emotions in perspective. There were so many wonderful things in Cambodia, and to be outside of the city just really made me appreciate my home and to love travelling and meeting people outside of my community. My friends and I all supported each other in different ways, we took heaps of photos and told stories about all things we'd love to do. Travelling makes you so inspired!

Here are some more foodie shots, fried banana!

And here's the support van, just in case the sun and the riding was too much! 

A lot of our rest stops were little shops like this one above! Usually the shopkeepers didn't speak English, so our guides would tell us what was going on. This shop above was also a massage parlour and a motor bike garage/fix it up type place. 

And here are the group of guides who helped us and made sure we survived! The last day, we had the most hills, and they would ride up alongside, and help you get up the steeper hills with a little push!

There's zillions of photos of Cambodia here on my computer, but I thought I'd share a few over the next week, with a little bit of the scenery and some other things we got up to.

Hope you're driving safely if you're travelling over the holidays, and I'll see you soon! (Last week of Sew Weekly too! OMG) xoxo


  1. You look so cute next to your bike! That looks like it was a fabulous trip - what a shame that your doggie died. Commiserations to you!
    I would love to do that with my son. Even though he is only 7 he is a great bike rider but maybe that will be too much for him for a couple of years .. do you recommend your bike tour company? My mum used to grow the dragon fruit - so easy it is just a cactus!

  2. Oh..it sounds like it was such a wonderful adventure. I can't wait to see more photos!

  3. I had my share of dragonfruit and Angor beer when I was there in 2003, but no bike riding! The heat was too much for this Canadian girl, and I broke out in blisters all over my body! It didn't stop me from spending 3 days wandering around Angkor by myself though. I'd love to go back, but I still think I'd go by motorbike ;)
    I'd love love love to see more photos when you get some free time - now that the weekly challenges are ending, maybe?

  4. Wow, sounds like a fun adventure! 350km! Wow! Hehe, food looks yummy, although I'm always surprised how much more uninteresting dragon fruit tastes than it looks...


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