Friday, 30 December 2011

Cambodian Stories: What a Location!

Here are some more Cambodian photos! Once again, I've just chosen a handful for you, as we could be doing slidenight for a few weeks.

From top to bottom:
Mekong, flooded in Phnom Penh.... night time restaurant lantern in Kep... view from the loveliest hotel in Kep... the rice fields of Cambodia (the more regular road side paddocks)... seaside town on the way to Kampot... and the last photo is somewhere on a mountain after driving halfway back to Phnom Penh.

It's a different kind of scenic place, not a WHOA the canyon's so big, more like a *sigh* it's just gorgeous and calming.

We're going to the country for the weekend, so I won't be seeing you til 2012! Have a safe weekend and Happy New Year!



  1. wonderful, how amazing to start the new year this way. best wishes for 1012!

  2. I love seeing your Cambodia pictures and reading your tales, it looks like a fantastic adventure and breathtaking in so many humbling ways.


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